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Print Solutions Simplified

Citra’s mission is to provide powerful online print solutions combined with personal service which enable companies and agencies to create more targeted marketing materials, more efficiently with less hassle and more control.

Previously this level of technology was only available to large online print vendors and fortune 500 companies—now it is available to you.

Less Hassle

Citra will listen to your needs and design a system for free that is customized to you. Our systems do not lock you into using one vendor, do not cost anything, and are highly customizable.

More Control

Our focus on personal service allows us to create a custom printing and fulfillment environment where you are not required to fit into someone else’s mold.

Todd Fulton

Todd’s been in the printing industry for over 15 years. Although he has worked in nearly every department a printing company has to offer, his entrepreneurial spirit served him well as he developed long lasting client relationships and friendships over the years. He is Co-Founder of two ecommerce sites, GrogTag and CrushTag, built in support of his passion for homebrewing and expertise around technologies supporting print. His primary focus is implementing print on-demand solutions and leveraging technology to create both ease and excitement in print. “I believe customer-centric solutions are the foundation of Citra and the reason for our success,” says Todd. He also likes long walks in the rain with a hoppy beer.

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Production Manager
Jill Simmons

You will be hard pressed to find another person who cares more for our customers. Jill is a consummate and skilled representative and will do everything in her power to make sure each and every customer is given 110% attention and focus. She has nearly 20 years experience in the printing industry and shares a similar passion with Todd toward leveraging technologies to maximize opportunities and reduce cost for customers.

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