Case Study:

Since we have transitioned to Citra, customer happiness has increased. Citra's responsiveness has allowed us to cut Average First Response Time in half. Citra is always willing to work with our customers' special requests and we can provide a new level of custom products and service that we could not before. Thank you Citra for always treating our customers like your own! 
— Drea Achacoso, Happiness Ambassador,,

Making the Switch Was Key

Challenge: We were getting an increase in complaints from our customers because our shipping costs were high. We had several different providers for our products, so increasingly our customers had to pay two shipping charges. Our existing main vendor was not interested in adding our additional products. We needed a partner able and willing to house all our products under a single solution, as well as allow us to expand into new products. And that partner needed to help us transition from several vendors without an interruption in service. We have a dozen different products being ordered online at all hours, with promised delivery/service standards. We needed a seamless switch, invisible to our customers.

Solution: Determine the products needed, build workflows to accommodate our strict SLAs. Citra carefully assessed our needs. Then created workflows and communicated constantly with us. They addressed our concerns and tested every process and product until both sides were comfortable with the switch. They helped us double check our order lists to make sure no order was lost during the transition. Since the successful transition, they have introduced new materials to improve our products and new technology that may be of interest.

Result: Citra made the switch a success. They took a difficult challenge and made it feel easy. They created workflows and systems to encourage growth, allowing us to add new products in a cost-efficient way. Citra understands that our customers are their customers and treats us with the highest level of service. We have been able to grow our product line at a rate we could not with our previous mix of vendors. They have introduced us to new technology to improve solutions.