Case Study:

River City Printers

Customers are in love with this model in the age of online ordering. This tool also relieves the stacks of paperwork involved in back and forth emails and eliminates the headaches involved in corrections. Customers who are looking to save time and eliminate hassle when it comes to print ordering, will best be served to use this tool! 
— Eric Fields, Vice President, River City Printers

Solution to streamline ordering processes

Challenge: The process for a business card order required multiple steps and a trail of paperwork between companies, as well as increasing the amount of time required to process the order from both the receiving plant, and manufacturing plant. Due to these processes, the turn time on a small order as well as the back-end costs involved required some revamping.

Solution: Streamline the process to eliminate all the misc paperwork, and decrease the amount of time required to complete the job.

Result: Citra worked closely with all parties to create an online portal for the particular business card orders. Whether it was a file upload product, or building a specific template for a specific client. Users are able to login, place their order and approve the proof instantly – not only reducing the amount of time required at each plant to start the job, but also allowing the user to make corrections to their cards without incurring additional AA Costs. Once the order is placed, it is press ready, allowing us to significantly reduce the total amount of time needed to produce the job.