Citra is committed to building print solutions for agencies and companies who are in need of excellent customer service, quality printing and smart print solutions. Meet with us, we will assess your needs and if it makes sense, build you a system free of charge. We are true print partners who are in this for the long haul and committed to your success.

Are you a buyer or in charge of an organization?

We will tailor a solution that fits the unique requirements of the way you do business. This may be as simple as streamlining the process of ordering business cards for your employees, or as complex as designing a fully integrated system that manages 100s of customizable and static products, multiple users with different permission levels, deliveries to multiple locations from a single check-out, and more.

The systems we create can help you manage complex budgets and workflows and provide valuable systematic reporting, enabling you to streamline your business.

Are you an agency or broker?

At Citra we understand that your time is valuable, especially when supporting multiple clients with limited staff. Our technology allows design agencies, marketing agencies and print brokers to automate tasks that are time intensive, probably not profitable, and yet highly important to your clients on a day-to-day basis.

Larger companies have tried to offer these services to agencies, but were too expensive, too rigid and didn’t understand the level of service needed to make it work for you. Citra’s focus on personal service means you get a custom solution that is made for you, without giving up the ability to be creative and do custom work as well.

Our Process

  1. Discovery—We spend time getting to know you your business, and your goals.
  2. Strategy—We create a Production Strategy Brief—a report detailing our recommended print/technology/fulfillment solutions for you to approve.
  3. Demo—We produce a working Storefront using one or more of your products so you can see the strategy in action.
  4. Site Testing—You are given the keys to test all aspects of the site and make sure everything is functioning as desired.
  5. Product Testing—Hard proofs of products available on the site will be produced for your approval. These are kept on site to ensure quality over time.
  6. Launch—Once you give the approval, the storefront will be made live and start taking orders.